The Iowa Caucus and the Fight For Democracy

Iowa enjoys a special place in our democracy.

The Iowa Caucus and the Fight For Democracy

Iowa enjoys a special place in our democracy. Presidential candidates must go to Iowa and meet with individual voters to win them over to first contest in the American Presidential nomination process. For political hacks living in other states the Iowa Caucus inspires envy about the opportunity to participate in these opportunities. I vote regularly, but only had one opportunity to participate in a party caucus many years ago. I am hoping that my candidate has persuaded his voters to show up and make their voices heard and that carries him to victory tonight.

Go Bernie, Sanders for President!

I’ve seen congressional races decided by 52 vote margins and believe every counts. But tonight the votes of Iowa count a little more. Our political system has been corrupted with the power of special interest money, especially after the U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizen United decision opened the flood gates for unlimited covert funds to dramatically influence if not outright “buy” most elections. Having been a professional political consultant, I know well the power that money gives to control the debate.

My Experience

My first political campaign was in 1978 going door to door with my family and friends in the UAW opposing the so called “Right to Work” ballot initiative. In 1982, I supported Mrs. Pat Danner for Mo. State Senate and she won. In 1988, after serving in the Army I supported a Democratic Congressional Challenger as volunteer. In 1990, while in college I interned on the Russ Carnahan for Congress Campaign. For the 1992 election, I worked on the Mel Carnahan for Missouri Governor campaign in the primary and in the general I worked for the party but focused on electing Mrs. Pat Danner to Congress. In 1994, I ran the Ted House for State Senate Campaign and Ted was the only Democratic challenger to defeat a Republican incumbent that year. In 1996, I helped elect Ken Jacob to the Mo. State Senate.

After law school in 1998, I went to Oklahoma as the finance director to help Ben Odom challenge J.C. Watts in a Congressional race. We got our head handed to us that year. In 2000, I worked on a judicial race and helped in Brad Carson for Congress campaign in Oklahoma. In 2002, I went back to Oklahoma to help Ben Odom in an open seat and we made the 2d forcing run-off but in order to give the Democratic Party a chance at the open seat Ben withdrew. The races as a volunteer go on and the commitment for a better America is eternal! For local voters participating in the Iowa Caucus is the key to maintaining democracy.


Stephen S. Wyse
Attorney at Law

Stephen Wyse Columbia, Missouri Attorney at Law Encourages Voters to Participate in the Iowa Caucus

Columbia, Missouri Attorney at Law

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