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jury nullification

When the jury is given the case they are the government they choose to be based upon their good judgment.

One of the most powerful rights you have as an American juror is the ability to not only judge the case for which you sit, but to judge the merits of the law. This right is often suppressed by judges and prosecutors as it could render the vast majority of legislation null and void.

With Americans facing an alarming risk of criminal prosecution, there is no better time for a mass awakening in the jury box to combat the misinformation trotted out by judges and prosecutors who mislead their “peers” of their constitutional power.

This part of the Police State has a weakness that can be infiltrated. Jury nullification is your right as a juror to decide with your conscience and say no to unjust legislation.

Currently, more than 90% of criminal cases never appear before a jury, people charged with crimes just forgo their constitutional rights and just plead guilty and pay the fine. This changes the game in the justice system, the truth is that the tyrannical government has intentionally designed the system to guarantee that the jury trial system that’s clearly in the Constitution is to be hidden so it’s not used against them.

A Defendant is being tried for disobeying a man-made law, but to their advantage one informed juror is there to say that since there was no victim, there was no crime. Then a person is taken off the road to being fined, locked in a cage, and held against their will by a group of armed authoritarians.

The system of mass incarceration depends entirely on the steady stream of misinformation it imposes on the humans it looks to control. If overnight everyone charged with victimless crimes exercised their constitutional rights, the shortage of judges, lawyers, and cops would be exposed right away in the handling of overflowing jury trial cases.

Can we just Imagine if the number of people demanding their trial rights just doubled or tripled in occurrence? It would be absolute chaos for the justice system. This immediate crisis would ‘bullet train’ mass incarcerations to the number one priority for judges and politicians. They would only be left with the option to either throw out a lot of the ‘criminal’ cases filed, for example drug possession, disobeying unjust laws, and victimless crimes. Or go with the more difficult option and try to amend the Constitution to turn the tables into their favor. Crashing the system by being informed and exercising our rights is an achievable concept. Even the dissolution of the Drug War could be commenced with this powerful tool. Sparing the destruction of innocent lives on the civilian side and senseless overreach on the police side. Leaving it to the individual to decide what to put into their own bodies without being raided, kidnapped, and locked up for a precious portion of their life.

The advocating for jury nullification concerns local prosecutors, therefore supporters of jury nullification in several U.S. cities have raised the ire of many judges and prosecutors. So scared of the distribution of knowledge pertaining to jury nullification being presented judges have had some activists arrested. Government fearing ‘We the People’ is the direction that the wind needs to blow.
Jury nullification without a doubt gets under the skin of judges, prosecutors, and all the petty tyrants. The jury nullification process is also one of the last strongholds of Freedom that we have in our technocratic driven society. With this spear, and millions of citizens willing to unleash them, then maybe we’ll really be defined as ‘Land of the Free’….

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