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Citizens For Justice: Police Protected Pimp – Chapter 16 “CrimeStoppers”

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A crime reporting hot-line normally used to help officers stop illegal activities and protect the public is abused by a notorious police-protected pimp. Barry Manthe’s use of CrimeStoppers allows him to not only fulfill his end of the bargain he held with his law enforcement allies, but possibly helped fund his operation through the rewards provided for turning in other criminals.

Police Protected Pimp utilizes interviews, police reports and other evidence to explore the relationship between the Columbia Missouri Police Department and Barry Manthe, a longtime sex trafficker who was granted virtual immunity in exchange for acting as a police informant.

Executive Producer: Matt Akins
Citizens For Justice:

Interview Subjects:
Brittany Crocker:
Nicole Fenton
Iris Faheem
Kerry Pruett
Associate Producer:
Steve Easterling


Voice Over:

Tera Eckerle:


Full Cast and Supporting Documentation:
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Steve Easterling as Barry Manthe

Keri Lawson as Kerry Pruett

Celena Tyree as Nicole Fenton

Lorna Gillham as CPD Officer Cathy Dodd

Gregory Rodgers as CPD Officer

Cody Amos as CPD Officer

Les Masters as Drug-addicted brothel client


Additional Filming and Post Production
New Picture Studios:


Production Consideration:
Wyse Law Firm, P.C.:


Assistant Editor:
Gregory Meeks


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