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Citizens For Justice: Police Protected Pimp – Chapter 21 “McIff Traffic Stop”

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Fearing that his client Kenneth Jones was being scapegoated to cover up the Columbia Police Department’s complicity in facilitating a human trafficking operation, Civil Rights Attorney Stephen Wyse uses his subpoena power to question police on the subject.  As the lawyer begins to catch the sworn officers lying under oath, their story begins to unravel and the true nature of their relationship with career-pimp Barry Manthe begins to come to light.

Police Protected Pimp utilizes interviews, police reports and other evidence to explore the relationship between the Columbia Missouri Police Department and Barry Manthe, a long time sex trafficker who was granted virtual immunity in exchange for acting as a police informant.

Kenneth Jones Affidavit in Civil Rights case against CPD Sgt Roger Schlude –91-7 Ex 9 K Jones Affidavit

2016 State Case v Kenneth Jones: Complaint and PC; Jones Nolle Prosequi Notice of Video Deposition October (electronic filing) 3d Notice of Video Deposition (electronic filing) McIff Police report Exhibit K

Columbia Police Department Policies: Body Cameras Body camera polic; Vehicle Dash Cameras Exhibit F
Executive Producer: Matt Akins
Citizens For Justice:


Interview Subjects:
Stephen Wyse:
Associate Producer:
Steve Easterling


Voice Over:

Tera Eckerle:


Full Cast and Supporting Documentation:
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Steve Easterling as Barry Manthe

Gregory Rodgers as CPD Officer


Additional Filming and Post Production
New Picture Studios:


Production Consideration:
Wyse Law Firm, P.C.:


Assistant Editor:
Gregory Meeks

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