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Citizens For Justice: Police Protected Pimp – Chapter 22 “Madam Gena”

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Federal officials utilize friendly media outlets to play into racial stereotypes, demonizing a young African-American man for allegedly forcing a trio of young white girls into prostitution. But as outside investigations ensue and more facts come to light, a picture begins to emerge that at least one of women was not the victim that the federal government’s public relations campaign made her out to be, and furthermore, that federal agents were aware of the true nature of the circumstances and actively participated in spreading misleading information that supported their narrative.


Police Protected Pimp utilizes interviews, police reports and other evidence to explore the relationship between the Columbia Missouri Police Department and Barry Manthe, a longtime sex trafficker who was granted virtual immunity in exchange for acting as a police informant.
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CAD Notes 2016 dispatches to 1125 Vandiver:

CAD Summary 2016 for "official recorded" dispatches to 1125 Vandiver

CAD Summary 2016 for “official recorded” dispatches to 1125 Vandiver

CPD Report from day of alleged “ESCAPE” by Kyrie Snow a.k.a. “Gena” – 2016-005780-1 Brothel inv May 24, 2016
K.S. emails:

Kyrie celebrates 'ESCAPE" ANNIVERSARY  - CPD at Brothel the day before Escape

Kyrie celebrates ‘ESCAPE” ANNIVERSARY – CPD at Brothel the day before Escape

Date stamp March 05, 2017 Kyrie Snow and Drea in GB House; Date stamp September 16, 2016 Kyrie Snow and Drea in GB House;Blow shit up Aug 17, 2016 in Columbia; Kenny saved 09.17;kyrie EScape anniversary; kyrie miss Coryn Myer; kyrie miss MO homies;Kyrie Sex theme park; K.S. March 27 rant;

Executive Producer: Matt Akins
Citizens For Justice:


Interview Subjects:
Iris Faheem
Stephen Wyse:
Associate Producer:
Steve Easterling


Voice Over:

Tera Eckerle:


Full Cast and Supporting Documentation:
Link to page with full credits


Tao Weilundemo as FBI Special Agent Sean McDermott

Alexis Lyons as L.V.

Trischa Splitter as “Gena” or K.S.

Steve Easterling as Barry Manthe

Cody Amos as CPD Officer


Additional Filming and Post Production
New Picture Studios:


Production Consideration:
Wyse Law Firm, P.C.:


Assistant Editor:
Gregory Meeks


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